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Unlock Bootloader on POCO X3 Pro

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Written by Benjamin Johnson

Bootloader, the first program that boots up whenever you turn on your device, is responsible for the smooth functioning of your device. Unlocking your phone’s bootloader gives you various extra advantages like rooting, installation of restricted apps, mod apps, installation of custom OS, etc. But how can you use your POCO X3 Pro with an unlocked bootloader? We’ll discuss that here in this article.


  • Before starting the unlocking process of the bootloader on your phone, you need to take care of a few things.
  • Make sure that you have more than 60% charge on your device.
  • It would be best to have a laptop or a PC with the latest Xiaomi USB drivers installed to run some essential commands.
  • You need to download the latest Mi Unlock Tool zip file from the internet.
  • Open your phone settings, and in the About Phone menu, you’ll find the device build number. Tap on it several times, and you’ll become the developer.
  • After enabling the developer options, you need to find and enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock from the Additional Settings.
    Make sure you have a Mi account, or you can create one from the official Xiaomi website. Now click on “Add account and device” in the developer options. Then log in with your Mi account, and you will get a prompt that the device is now successfully connected with your Mi account.

Now you’re done with all the pre-requisites.

Unlocking the Bootloader:

  • Turn off your phone. Hold the Volume Down + Power Button for about 10 seconds to boot the device into Fastboot mode.
  • You need to connect your phone with a PC or laptop using a USB cable while the phone is in Fastboot mode.
  • Now open the miflash_unlock.exe file on your PC or laptop after extracting the contents of the Mi Unlock Tool zip file.
  • Use your Mi account to log in.
  • Let the tool check if the bootloader of your phone can be unlocked.
  • After verification, the tool will display that the Phone is connected.
  • You need to click on “Unlock” and “Unlock Anyway.”
  • This will begin the unlocking process, and after completion, you will see a message “Unlocked successfully.”
  • Now click on the Reboot phone button, which will reboot your phone with an unlocked bootloader message.

And it’s done. Now you can enjoy your POCO X3 Pro with an unlocked bootloader and all the features it can offer.

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