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Written by Benjamin Johnson

Do you know What is starmarker? Basically starmarker is a app where we can perform our talents regarding singing songs or we  can also produce our own songs singing singers in that.
It shows our performance to various countries people who wishing to watch it . One of the best platform to showcase our talents and increase our fame in a category in this case the only best app is this.

Origin :

It is always ordinary people side .And it was first introduced in April 1975 and recorded between August- October in 1974 advancly at konk studies London .you can perform your own genre like rock, hip-hop, sad ,beat songs etc,.It is also well known for the phrase that ” Everybody is a star( starmarker) ” which was written in a song wrote by the famous song writers they are The Kinks and Ray Davie.

It is founded by Jeff Daniel and Nathan sedlander belonging to United States. Head quarters of this  are situated at San Francisco , California which is one of the best hub of technology. The both owners Jeff Daniel and Nathan sedlander left this company in the year 2018.

How to start starmarker app:

First of all open the app. click on sing button hold on it. Then three options will they are solo, starr collab and hook . Click on any one option and start practicing your own song including rythmes and tones etc.,
If you want to create a account in starmarker app . click on signin  then click on new account you can sign in either by using your mobile number or email id. If you already have a account in this app  just click on signin and enter your details and continue your membership.

How to recover our old account in starmarker app after reseting of a device :

Don’t worry if you are registered with a email id in your old account then simply click on sign-in and enter your email id and then click on forgot password. Then instantly a link is sent to your which will direct you to change the password and asks you for the confirmation then click on confirm . Now everything is ready you can sign in using your new password.

If your old account is not linked with any id( unbinded account) then you must make a request the higher officials through mail and helpline number which are provided in our website for further details and information.

How to install starmarker app in your pc :

First you have to download free apk file of starmarker app which is provided in our own website. It will just take few minutes to download depending upon your internet speed.
The next step click on the downloaded apk file then click on run allow your device for the installation of the app.

Then wellcome page will appear that’s it you are now ready to enjoy your own singing app.

How to install starmarker app using blueStacks on pc :

First of all launch the blueStacks application on your pc. You must sign-in your account to run this application if you are already signed in then you can continue otherwise you must sign-in your new for starmarker app in the search engine the page will make you to reach the office website and then click on install then the app will be installed in your pc and blueStacks is very safe and secure to keep our information confidential

How to install starmarker app in your mobile?

If your smart phone is a android one, then simply go to play store search for starmarker app. Click on install . Click on start icon the home page of that app.

Is the starmarker application is free for everyone ?

Yes, starmarker app is completely at free of cost you can upload , download and can  watch live streaming of famous people.  You can also enjoy trail pack on your account.
And this application completely  public service no violence and no one harmed during the functioning on stage or off stage of it  internally and externally.


* Improves personal development in singing track.
* * Completely relaxation by enjoying the favourite songs .
* Best platform to become famous in very small time .
* * Increases friends circle in our wish .
* Provides new singers who are not known to any one .
* * It will dig deep into ourselves and bring the hidden talents of a person.
* Encourages teenagers to not spoil their their teenage and to use their knowledge in their interest using this app


* Increases mental tension in a person’s mind by not getting relatively fame .
* * Identity thefts increases with same accounts.
* More data consumation for longer hours of usage.
* * Does not work with low frequency audio signal.
* Does not work with without the internet connection.

Conclusion :

Lastly starmarker one of the best app to encounter our knowledge and ability to enlighten our talents. More than 170 countries are watching this on their smart TV’s and 55 million active Mobile users are their in every region according to the readings.

In june 2014 starmarker launched its new version starmarker3.0 which helps us to create “music video selfie ” even in mobile also or in pc which is having self attached cam. Starmarker lite is also available for normal users who don’t know much about this app for our purposes.

the company everyone happy entertainments owned the starmarker in 2016 which is affiliated with Beijing kulin tech which is situated in china.It is one of the best app marketer in china.This app allows or organises you to sing in live with your favourite singer as your wish.
We can introduce ourself into this running society with talent and hardwork by using apps like this.mindblowing and unimaginable app for showcase our singing abilities in a particular track.

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