Here we go again! Samsung finally confirmed about the new upcoming foldable Galaxy Smartphone with a new logo on their Facebook page. So it will be the biggest hint we might hear about the Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone very soon.

Today, Samsung has updated the profile image on its official Facebook & Twitter account with a new logo which resembles the foldable smartphone. The folded logo shows the words Samsung folding in half segment, where the middle ’S’ is signalling the foldable smartphone.

Samsung’s first foldable smartphone

Samsung's new foldable logo confirms the Samsung Foldable Phone
Samsung’s new foldable logo confirms the Samsung Foldable Phone

So far we don’t receive any official confirmation about the new Samsung foldable phone but some rumours say the new device could be named, Galaxy X or Galaxy F. We expect the Samsung foldable smartphone is expected to be announced at the developer conference on November 7th & November 8th.

Also, the device will sports a 7.3-inch screen and a 4.6-inch panel for checking the notifications, messages and more. It will be packed with a bigger battery and the design makes the smartphone much heavier.

Do you think, Samsung Foldable phone can be future? Let’s hope for the best!

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