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How to Make Money by Playing PUBG Mobile – PlayerZon App

How to Make Money by Playing PUBG Mobile - PlayerZon App
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Written by James William

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is also known as PUBG and it has become quite popular over the last year. Soon after the official release, PUBG Mobile has topped charts to have more than 10 million players. If you are a PUBG addict, then here is how you make money on PUBG Mobile. Yeah, you hear it right! You can Make Money by Playing PUBG Mobile!

There are many ways to earn money in PUBG mobile and I gonna share the best way that actually works. There are lots of streaming apps that help you earn money by streaming PUBG gameplay or whatever. But this one is quite different from others!

I get it, it’s not about the Tournament hosted by PUBG or ESport! I’m sharing the real way that pays you for playing PUBG on your Android Mobile. That may doubt you, but actually, you can!

Here’s How to Earn Money by Playing PUBG Mobile (Android, iOS).

Possible to Earn on PUBG Mobile – Real Money?

How to Earn Real Money by Playing PUBG Mobile - PlayerZon App

How to Earn Real Money by Playing PUBG Mobile – PlayerZon App

Recently, I came across an Android App called PlayerZon – eSports Platform. The app was developed by two brave people from Gujarat, India and launched on 7th November 2018. PlayerZon an online platform that pays the gamers and encourages them with rewards & prizes for Participating and Playing Games Online. Currently, they narrowed consideration towards the PUBG Mobile gamers.

PlayerZon app pays you for each kill in PUBG!

PlayerZon will be the first Android app that pays you for playing PUBG. It doesn’t matter you are good on win or lose. PlayerZon offers rewards for all gamers. You can also earn from each enemy you kill on PUBG. Sounds cool, huh??

So, no matter you win or lose, you are going to earn money for each kill.

They help you start making money by Playing Mobile Games. Gamers can participate in the upcoming eSports games and Win Amazing Prizes and Rewards too!

Things to do,

  • Download PlayerZon App or PlayerZon APK from here.
  • Then follow the below-given instruction.
  • Make Money by Playing PUBG Mobile, kidding 😛

How to Earn money on PUBG with PlayerZon App?

  1. Download the PlayerZon app from Play Store and Install it on your device (Download Link).
  2. Create an Account and register on PLayerZon.
  3. Join Custom Rooms on PUBG, and Get Rewards for Chicken Dinner!
  4. Have fun and make money on PUBG.

NOTE: PlayerZon app is currently available for Android Platform only.

Other Ways to Earn on PUBG Mobile

  • Create a Youtube or Twitch Channel and start streaming PUBG Gameplay.
  • There are some Streaming Apps that helps earn money just for playing games. Not only for PUBG, but you can also earn for playing other games too. Example: Cube TV
  • Find some PUBG Facebook Groups – They host weekly tournaments and offers money prizes.
  • Create a niche blog on PUBG game and start sharing guides and tips on How to Play PUBG Mobile Game.

Wrap Up

Make sure you share your experience using PlayerZon app Review and let us know How much you earned from it!

Hope this post helps you on How to Make Money on Pubg Mobile. Feel free to share your questions below in comment section!

And kindly share this post with your friends, if I helped you earn money via PUBG 😀

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