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The web version is the best service from jio web universal house from reliance jio. These made up of millions of users in India  Reliance jio increased the number of customers day by day why…? Because the features are very unique and adaptable nature for the user.

In this way reliance, jio has again launched new things is that ” jio tv web version ” with the help of this excellent features for uses or customers can watch their favorite movies and live tv shows on laptops, desktops through via internet. this web version will be available in 500 channels included 60 HD channels.


Reliance jio has made with the greatest network in telecom and it will provide all type of entertainment apps that too in all regional languages .some more like this are jio tv , jio movies, these will support different type of languages like English, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarat and more. jio tv is available for both Android and iOS systems.

   Now we are trying to explaining of the web version. Here we are post and complete guide of play jio tv on your pc and desktop, laptops, etc.

More information about jio tv web version:

This is one of the most important & popular services for all live streaming of TV channels, shows, jio tv web universal comes with a package of unlimited of features that will help the user to use simply. This web version provides more than 500 channels and 60 HD channels in different languages.

in fact jio company had launched many apps based on entertainment and communication, this specially designed based on android and iOS users now we can watch online streaming anywhere at any time. mainly it is totally free of cost so, we need an only proper internet connection that what needed.

How to open jio tv web version:

Jio has announced that live jio tv is now available on the web version then, jio user can be able to watch live tv channels and shows can be in pcs, laptops, etc. So we can have to visit jio tv web version in an official website. this systematic way will provide you jio ID and password for login purposes.

If not we don’t have any account regards to jio web version then we can register to get it free jio tv web version account freely.

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Reliance jio launched the jio web version that helps to expand his network in India and worldwide also, remember this is completely free to access so the customer uses all live streaming without any cost.

This jio network is not compulsory for those who are using jio network connection for jio tv web version and any other network also can access jio tv web version with only good internet connection then, we have to do get a jio tv web version id and password for login purpose to access jio tv anywhere any time in this world.

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Steps to operate jio tv web version:

This online page will help you to watch favorite programs and live to stream. now we can watch all the live channels on our pc and laptops anywhere in this world. You just to follow the below steps to open or operate jio tv web version for all pcs.

  • Firstly we have to go or visit the official website by using web browser those, browses who are using we need to check through UC browser and Chrome etc.
  • After once, we reach jio tv web page we just log in with our own personal ID and password so, we need to maintain a perfect or unique ID and password for access.
  • If not we, didn’t have or use of jio ID and password then, use your personal mobile number for complete your logic purpose.
  • once enter the registered jio mobile number then, we get an OTP via SMS so we can log in easily.
  • After completing all the following steps then we , need to select user prefer languages for users needed one to watch all favorite programs and channels.
  • If, we don’t have jio number to get jio tv web version ID and password then we have to get ID from other jio users.
  • Finally, we are ready to watch all live streaming favorite programs on your pc windows.

Features of jio tv web version:

  If, any problem raises regarding to these issues of any jio apps then, the customers can easily contact the executives in simple steps and it will be resolved in the provided time to satisfy the user or customer needs and wants.

 Let’s see some features of jio tv web universal:

  • By using jio tv web version we, can all live tv shows and programs your pc windows and laptops also
  • These web version will allow you to save your wish list by the option of the bookmark.

These features will help you easily manage your programs and we never miss it.

  • In jio tv web version we have a unique option called play and pause to watch all live movies, programs, and live streaming what you left.
  • we can set a reminder also to manage all channels and live movies that will provide to watch your favorite programs.
  • we can forward or backward in all live channels or show within 30 seconds.

These are the best unique features of jio tv web  version that we can watch you favorite programs via through jio tv web version need to have only proper ID and internet connection

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