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How to Find and Edit the Hosts File in Windows 11

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Are you looking for the hosts file in Windows 11 and want to modify it? Here are the basic actions you can take to complete this task quickly and easily.

If you implement the procedures in the proper sequence, it’s a straightforward task.

Action 1: Hosts file and its use

The hosts file is the place where all your search files go to find the IP address to get the website that you are looking for.

Once you search for anything on google or any other search engine, it does not necessarily have the correct IP address required to find the website.

So, it approaches the Hosts file to get the IP address to perform the task.

You can always edit the Hosts file if required and even block a certain web page from opening.

Action 2: Locating the Hosts file

In both Windows 10 and 11, the Hosts file is located in the C-Drive.

You might require certain tools to perform the task of editing the Hosts file once you find the file from its location.

As opposed to the other steps in the procedure, identifying the Hosts file is a simple procedure.

Action 3: Modifying the Hosts file

Editing the Hosts file requires the help of a Notepad or word processor.

But using a word processor might be a bit more of a difficult task, so always try using Notepad.

The editing process might require some special permissions.

You can open Notepad from Windows 11 from the Start option, where you can easily search for it from the given list.

After selecting the Notepad icon, you must choose Notepad as a “Run as Administrator” from the list of options available.

This option helps with editing the IP address or blocking it as you desire.

Make sure you change the file type from txt to all file types, so it becomes easier while editing the Hosts file.

The IP address is the one you can block from viewing the page.

But do note that it is not required to add comments after editing it, but it is always best to do so for better task completion.


So these are the steps to find and edit the Hosts file in Windows 11. These steps are easy if followed accordingly.

This helps you block, edit easily, or deny access to any web page without much trouble.

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