Game Zoom GZ1 Bluetooth Speaker Docks for Mobile Gamers

Game Zoom GZ1 Bluetooth Speaker Docks for Mobile Gamers
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Written by Benjamin Johnson

Want to have an Ultimate Mobile Gaming Experience? Check out the new “Game Zoom GZ1 – Bluetooth Speaker for Gamers”.

These days the numbers of mobile gamers have increased and they were looking for a good gaming environment within a limited activity space. So, here we got Game Zoom GZ1 a Bluetooth speaker launched via Kickstarted. The Game Zoom GZ1 comes with a game controller, wireless charging support and lots of features that give the best gaming experience!

With this, you can just place your smartphone on an integrated wireless charging pad and connected with Bluetooth speakers. The speakers will provide clear audio with a bass drives 20W audio output. Entire unit comes with a cool wooden design that was designed to minimise the sound vibration so that the speakers offers better acoustics.

Game Zoom GZ1 Features

Game Zoom GZ1 Bluetooth Speaker

Here the built-in Bluetooth and NFC establish good connectivity options and the controller help the gamers to manage & play a game with any difficulty.

The company promise, the Zoom GZ1 gaming speakers will provide non-stop gaming experience which is equipped with 5V 2A wired charging along with a 10W wireless charging with 80% efficient.

Since the product is still in fundraising, you can become a backer and help the creator to pledge his goal. Also, you can avail the Early bird offer by paying HK$ 1699 (216 US Dollars) and receive the Game Zoom GZ1.

Game Zoom GZ1 gaming Bluetooth speakers

Game Zoom GZ1 Gaming Bluetooth speakers

Do watch the demonstration video of Zoom GZ1 to know more about the features, design and working of this new gaming gadget. Soon we be posting more on features, reviews and availability!

For further details, do visit the campaign page at the Kickstarter.

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