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How to Use Discord on Xbox

How to Use Discord on Xbox
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What is meant by discord?

Basically, discord is one of the famous app which helps gamers to talk with each other while in gaming. Users can simply login into this app and communicate with others to play together. Group chat is available in this app to have access. This app even helps them alot to win the game. Discord gives permission to communicate with each other in a game via microphone to talk and text messages are also done in this game.

Do you know what is meant by Xbox?

It is one of the best video gaming brand which is provided by the famous “Microsoft company”. The total number of consoles that are present in this brand are five consoles. It is organised in different ways like Live streaming services through the name ‘Xbox live’ and development programme through the name ‘Xbox games studio’.


This gaming Xbox brand was officially launched on 15th November in the year 2001. Since it is gaming brand it belongs to the category of games. Microsoft company is leading this brand successfully every year. The head quarters of this brand is situated at “Microsoft Redmond campus, Redmond at Washington in United States”. It has recognised as the best gaming trademark through out the world.

Discord is a instant communicating software. Which provides us to have the access of video calls, normal text messages and media surfing. It can used in various operating systems like Windows, Mac-OS, Linux, Android , iOS and finally in web browsers also. It was initially launched on may 13th in the year 2015. It was handled by the “Discord industries”. Which was discovered by  “Hammer and Chisel” both. It is available in more than 27 languages. It belongs to the type of VoIP communications.

How to create an account in discord ?

Follow the steps which are mentioned below for the proper creation of the account in the discord.

Step1: Visit the official website of Xbox in any one of the below like desktop, mobile or in any web browser directly.

Step 2: Then you have create an account which consists of user name and password.

Step 3: To create an account you must enter your official mail.

Step 4: After entering the mail in the relevant box it will just take few minutes to verify.

Step 5: Then after the completion of the verification process you are directly redirected to the account creating site.

Step 6: In that site you have to create a user name and password to your account.

Step 7: After filling all the details click on submit option.

Once you have done the above process successfully, then you have an official account in the discord software.

Procedure to connect discord to Xbox:

Once you have created an account in the discord than it is easy to connect Xbox.

Step 1:Firstly open you Xbox.

Step 2: Then in the left corner of the home page you will see settings button.

Step 3: Tap on the settings button.

Step 4: After that you have to select the  social account which you have linked with the discord.

Step 5: Then you are directed to the respective to site account and you have to enter your password to have the access.

Step 6: Next select the discord account title to start the linkage process.

Step 7: Then you have to choose discord logo for the further process.

Step 8: After the completion of the above you just have to enter the security pin on the device screen then it is ready to have the access to use.

Then instantly all your discord accounts will be in active state and you can easily communicate with the other players of your team.

From the first info you can easily create an account in it. And in the second procedure you will know how to use this account in the Xbox. From all this information you can easily start your gaming passion.

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Advantages of discord on Xbox:

  1. Becomes the easy to talk with many people at a time while gaming.
  2. Since it does not belongs to the commercial category so it will not cost any money to have the access.
  3. Very simple steps are included in linking the accounts.
  4. It is organised in different types of channels of communication called servers.
  5. All the accounts are stored perfectly and protected with high security systems.
  6. It is available with the most popular developer tools.
  7. The new model of Xbox joystick is provided with multiple control system.
  8. Just take few minutes to complete the whole process accounts linkinXbo

Disadvantages of discord on Xbox:

  1. This application is suitable for only some kind of software’s.
  2. Does not run in low graded windows version. Because it will not support that version.
  3. Works with the connection of high speed internet and without that it will won’t work.
  4. Due to some server problems sometimes it causes lagging problem.


The excellent combination of online gaming is Xbox and discord. With which you can even become an online gaming streamer. Most of the streamers in the modern days are using this combined for their gaming purposes. By using this one they can easily win any game by co-ordinatly with other players.

In this gaming brand a series of items are present they are like Xbox one kinect, Xbox one controller, Xbox 360 kinect, Xbox 360 controller and many more are available for the gamers to purchase. The widely used all over the world for different kinds of work.

Since it is majorly used for the purpose of gaming only that why it has became gaming brand. Not only for gaming most live streaming works like Live telecast of shows and programs are also done using this combination of things. Which acts as the extra feature of this brand. All the audio clips are recorded in a systematic may which will help the user to upload their video with clear audio. Even for most of the people by using this things they made gaming as their profession.

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