Cloudflare Mobile App helps fast web surfing, privacy DNS service

Cloudflare Mobile App helps you surf faster + privacy DNS service
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Cloudflare brings a new public DNS resolver service to all mobile users by releasing a new App which supports both Android & iOS. The Cloudflare mobile app is here to faster our web browsing with more privacy!

We all know DNS plays a major role in modern networking and we are connected by them. Cloudflare took another step beyond to bring better network infrastructure to perform domain name lookups more faster than using default DNS from their internet service providers.

CloudFlare released app for Android & iOS devices

CloudFlare released app for Android & iOS devices

Using the new Cloudflare app, users can enable the service in a single click. Once you toggle it, act as a VPN profile and it will automatically reroute the DNS traffic via Cloudflare app. That’s how the DNS servers work.

The main motive to make the connectivity efficiently faster and as free consumer DNS services. If you remember, Cloudflare announced the back in April and today it’s official.

Sadly, while using the app you can’t able to use other VPN services because it uses your local VPN server.

Download Cloudflare Mobile App

The mobile app is made available for both Android & iOS platforms. You can download it right away from App stores.

  • Download Cloudflare App for iOS devices – Link
  • Download Cloudflare App for Android devices – Link

If you want to download Cloudflare APK then download it from here.

Download Cloudflare APK

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