Apple tracks Stolen iPhones from stores during US protest

Apple tracks Stolen iPhones
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Written by Liam Smith

Apple was working towards opening more than 100 stores in the US, which were closed due to the global pandemic of Covid-19. But last week the several iPhones had been stolen from its retail stores during the protest about the death of an Afro-American George Floyd who died while in police custody in Minneapolis

Apple’s iPhones were stolen from there retail stores. The retails stores located in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis and Washington have been tracked.

  However, it seems the company won’t be giving up their devices easily so; they post a message to that device it has been disabled and is being tracked. Local authorities will be alerted. The company has long installed special software on its iPhones to track the whereabouts of stolen items. The Find, My app of apple products, allows users to track the location of their device and even remotely erase data on the phone.

People have started posting images of the iPhones on Twitter that have stolen from US stores. Screenshots of apple warning message going to be viral in Twitter and Reddit earlier of this week

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