15 things you should consider before buying an e- scooter

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Planning to buy a new scooter? We have enlisted the 15 crucial things to keep in mind for making a sound decision regarding scooters:

Price of scooter

This is the essential thing while buying a scooter. This is because most Indian people tend to purchase budget-friendly items and wouldn’t think twice if they get a discount. You should research the market well to know all the ongoing offers and discounts available in the market for you to avail.


The battery is the thing that covers most of the price of the scooter. So along with the price, you should research it. Always avoid overcharging or less charging. Just charge it complete and perfect.

Tax advantages

As the Government of India promotes buying e vehicles, they offer refunds of tax payments and incentives. They can get tax advantages up to 1.5 lacs.


Charging e scooter is possible at home. This aspect becomes a matter of concern when charging stations are too far away, and it would take a lot from your battery even to reach there for charging your scooter. So, it’s preferable to buy the scooters having many charging stations.

Charging time:

E scooters like mobile phones need charging. So, overcharging or less charging both are not recommendable.

Riding range

You have to research the riding ranges of the e scooters available on the market. Scooters with relatively slow speed can provide a range of about 50 km, and high-speed scooters offer a range of between 70-75 km.

Maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of e scooters is relatively low. So, it will not bother you much.

Power modes

There are several power modes available like eco or sport mode.

Brand value

It’s preferable to buy from the brands which have achieved good reviews from customers.


Reliability depends on the scooter’s battery, power, brand, etc.

Build quality

You can research the build quality or see the reviews from the buyers.


You can look upon certain features like display, riding modes, Bluetooth connections, etc.

 Maintenance after buying

It ultimately depends on you. The more you care about the product, the more long-lasting it will become.


While buying a new scooter, you should see the warranty period more carefully. Most scooters provide a 2-3 years warranty, but some offer more than that.

Ownership cost

Most people ignore this, but you must consider it.

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