5 best launcher for android

It ought to look great, yet at the same time be practical. Here and there, the default launcher simply doesn’t cut it for what you need to fulfill Here are a couple of diverse launchers that give the best encounter to ordinary utilization, which are time savers and very practical.


1.Google Now Launcher:


The Google Now Launcher comes with standard with Google Experience gadgets; however, recently Google has made the App accessible in the Play Store. The huge difference with Google’s launcher is that Google Now is constantly available by swiping to the left-generally screen.

Apart from being simple Google Now is much like the same as your regular default launcher – straightforward or embellishments, no custom symbol or topic backing, simply gadgets, applications, and alternate ways.

  1. Nova Launcher:


Nova Launcher is the most seasoned of the launchers on this rundown, and also the most adaptable. With this outsider launcher, we can make your gadget resemble a stock gadget, or we can switch it up and make it look like something we may like.

We can alter practically everything – from symbols, to activities, to matrix size, to speed, and substantially more. Notwithstanding the customization choices, its quick, light-weight, cleaned, and as possible upgraded.


  1. StormFly:


StormFly is exceptionally a fascinating alternative, and the first dynamic launcher on this rundown. Fly is a “shrewd” home screen device that naturally changes as you experience your day. The format on the home screen is amazingly streamlined, with zones for consequently arranged applications. Those assembled applications change as your day goes on, in view of your area and the time.

StormFly was purchased in an advertised arrangement by Hurray, so we’re most likely going to see the launcher advance, with huge steps, over the course of the following year. It has been upgraded to permit custom symbol packs, a quite asked feature from costumers.

  1. Everything me Launcher:


Everything me Launcher adjust and focus on the time of the day and your area, however not just with applications. Case in point, in the morning, the application will give the climate to you, alongside news features, or other applications you weigh in the morning. When you get to work, your errands will show up, alongside with other needed applications.


  1. Themer Beta:


In the event that you like the thought of having your home screen look remarkably marvelous, yet don’t have any desire to invest time redoing it yourself, then Themer was made just for you. For a year now, master home screen creators have been making topics for Themer that anybody can utilize, paying little mind to their customization smarts.


We have just come across 5 different Android Launchers that can make you phone look cooler, faster, and many others. There are many more Launcher Apps out there, waiting for us to uncover. If you have any working launcher that might be better than the ones we have mentioned, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment, and perhaps even help future readers as well.

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